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Learn to write realtime on the Stenograph Machine and secure a lucrative career as a Realtime Court Reporter, Broadcast Closed Captioner, or CART Provider.

June 4, 2012 - Forbes Lists Court Reporting as Number 6 in the Top 10 Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree!

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Looking for the best Court Reporting School to learn to write realtime on the steno machine?  Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is the ONLY Realtime Court Reporting, Broadcast Closed Captioning, and CART Providing program developed specifically for distance learning. The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home  program is owned by a Registered Merit Reporter, and all support is provided by Credentialed Certified court reporters.

Though you may utilize any steno machine to train with the “Court Reporting and Captioning at Home” Program, the program includes a like new Stenograph Stentura Protege’, or a like new Stenograph SRT 400. 

These high quality state-of- the-art steno machines come with a full 2 year warranty as well as trade-in options.  They are Computer Aided Transcription (CAT) realtime machines, manufactured by the Stenograph Corporation, the largest steno machine manufacturer in the world.  The Protege’ and the SRT 400 are the best steno machines for court reporting, captioning, and CART Providing training in the industry today.  Both may be used in all of the realtime court reporting careers as well. 

The Court Reporting and Captioning distance learning program contains the following:

Computerized Stenograph Machine - Protege or SRT 400, manufactured by the Stenograph corporation.

Theory - The Only NCRA approved theory developed specifically for distance learning, and containing a realtime reporting, captioning, and CART foundation.
Theory is the foundation of your court reporting training.  LEARN MORE

Speed Building - The trendsetting speed building concept developed by the pre-eminent realtime court reporting educator in the world. 

Academics - The necessary academics developed for the student to pass the national or any state certification exam.  Presented in an easy to learn format with lessons and tests.

CAT Software Training with Prebuilt Steno Dictionary - Training and lifetime support.

Internship - Intern with realtime court reporters in the city you live in.  Internships for captioners and CART Providers as well.

Job Placement Assistance - Court Reporting and Captioning at Home has 100% job placement assistance.  Everyone who completes the program WILL be employed. 

Support 365 Days Per Year - The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Support Department is unsurpassed in its professionalism, experience, dedication, and desire for the CRAH Court Reporting School student to become a professional court reporter, captioner, or CART Provider.  Free lifetime internet support from  credentialed court reporters is available for every purchaser of the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program. With the CRAH program, you are never alone.

A Cutting Edge, State-of-the-Art, Realtime Court Reporting, Broadcast (Closed) Captioning, CART Providing Homestudy training program that is absolutely the BEST, FASTEST, and SIMPLEST to learn program available.

Used Steno Machines For Sale 
1 Year Warranty on All Used Machines.

Manual Steno Machine...Excellent for Theory Training
SRT 400 Steno Machine...Computerized writer
Protege Steno Machine...Computrized writer

New Protege Steno Machine...Limited Time...Based on Availability

All machines manufactured by the Stenograph Corporation.

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The court reporting school training program now offers active duty Military Spouses Free Training through the MyCAA Military One Source Grants Program.
MyCAA Military One Source
military spouse grants pay for your Court Reporting,
Broadcast Captioning, and CART Providing Training in Full

Not only are these portable careers, the training is portable. Court reporting and broadcast captioning have average incomes of over $65,000 per year with many individuals earning over $100,000 annually. They are listed in the top 10 careers in U. S. News and World Report and Good Housekeeping

The court reporting steno machine keyboard consists of 22 separate keys and a number bar.
Whether the court reporting steno machine is a manual court reporting student model or a state-of- the-art, computer aided transcription model, the keyboards are the same configuration.   


Court Stenographer Keyboard

The unique design of the court reporting steno machine keyboard allows court reporters, court reporting school students, and broadcast closed captioners to write at speeds of over 260 words per minute.  The specialized  design of the steno machine permits the court reporter, closed captioner, and court reporting schools student to depress keys simultaneously to create words, phrases, punctuation, and letters that are not on the keyboard, all in one stroke. Realtime computer aided transcription software translates the steno immediately into English that makes possible closed captioning on television for the hearing impaired as well as instant translation in the courtroom and legal proceedings.

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Court Reporters and Broadcast Closed Captioners usually learn their court reporting professions in community court reporting schools, court reporting schools online, court reporting schools self paced, and traditional court reporting schools. For more information on court reporting schools, and court reporting schools training, visit WWW.COURTREPORTINGSCHOOLS.COM OR VISIT the National Court Reporters Association website.