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This video developed by the Leader in Court Reporting, Captioning, and CART Providing education graphically illustrates how to write on the Steno Machine.  

The studio produced animated graphic video tutorials developed byCourt Reporting and Captioning at Home are a milestone in realtime education, and have made learning the realtime professions easier and faster.

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The steno machine keyboard consists of 22 separate keys and a number bar.  The design makes it possible to strike keys simultaneously, enabling the realtime writer to write entire words, phrases, and even sentences in one stroke. Realtime computer aided transcription software translates the steno simultaneously into English that makes possible closed captioning for the hearing impaired as well as instant translation in the courtroom and legal proceedings. 

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How to Write on the Steno Machine 

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The unique design of the steno machine allows court reporters, captioners, and CART Providers to write at speeds of over 260 words per minute in realtime (instantaneous translation).

No other method of capturing the spoken word can match the realtime court reporter, CART Provider, or broadcast closed captioner, using the steno machine, for speed and accuracy!

The properly trained realtime steno machine writer has virtual unlimited job security, lucrative income, and flexibility of schedule!